Seek Meek

Queens usually potray themselves in regal manners, they set the regale we live by and ultimately pronounce attention. The game of chess sees their key attributes in profound depth. And don’t we all want to have something to do with them?

To those who do not want anything to do with them I’d assume you to be one of the meekest persons on the planet (seeing as I don’t know enough people). To be meek is not to be feeble, it is to show the outline crystally of the strength in the undetailed, the power in the stealthy displayed character, to produce something but not take all the credit (you’d have to be God to take all the credit for something, you obviously did have help however seemingly insignificant).

The meek are in society as oft possible being ascribed the foolish tag (well, you’d have to be regarded as foolish if you’re actually wise), they are regarded as people with low intellect, some might go as far as proclaiming a set of conditions (psychological issues) the person might have. Yet, the benefits are rather overwhelming to wonder as to why people aren’t meek.

Of such benefit is the fact that you live a rather happy life as to the alternative. Consider this anecdote,  supposing you were chosen for an event and of which you came out tops and you deep down address your success not just to yourself but for the work of others and others more whose relevance might be somewhat as little as can be, you make those people want to help you the more (everybody likes people who praise them deep down)

You’re probably wondering how to be meek (which most of us aren’t) and what importance that might present to you and how that could help your life in anyway. The thing is you have to be direct, you have to be self-conscious, and duly punctual on your actions. Also, to get anything done, you have to let things be gone. You have to forego your behaviour. Learn to remember what you want, be repetitive of it, be active at it and yield to it. And for every mistake you’ve learnt something not to do again. Duty makes dollars, you have to act.

In other to be whatever you truly want to be remember to always not forget the first ten words of this sentence. Happiness (some call it satisfaction) is what we all want and what better way to achieve our dreams than to be meek about them. Change what you think to what will link. The meek always have it.